Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving has provided me with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to become a safe driver. Prior to this, I was intimidated by the thought of driving and could never picture myself as a driver. When having a license became necessary in my life, it was Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving that provided me with the space and support to learn new skills and gain confidence. I completed my in-class lessons and in-car lessons in two months. Now, four months later, I am able to drive safety by myself, with my child, or with a car full of people. Through proper driving instruction I have met goals that at one time seemed impossible.

- Emily Simone, Toronto ON.

"I first contacted TRIUMPH ACADEMY OF DEFENSIVE DRIVING when I made my decision to apply for my driver’s license. In first speaking to Olga of TRIUMPH I was struck by her kindness and assurance that I would receive only the most professional consideration. Well, I received more. My instructor who arrived promptly at my first lesson was patient, encouraging and compassionate. He made my first lesson an absolute joy and when I was ready for my test, he detected my nervousness and again demonstrated his compassion and encouragement. As a result I passed my road test and received my license. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I encourage everyone who is desirous of obtaining their driver’s licence to contact TRIUMPH.
This letter has been written by me without any compensation or promise of compensation. Please feel free to contact me in the event you have any questions."

Tel. 416 824 5416

"Triumph Driving Academy taught me what I needed to know to drive safely on the roads. I appreciated the lower-cost option, especially with two other siblings, who were both certified by Triumph. The instructor enlivened the in-class sessions, and the in-car lessons were helpful, unintimidating, and as relaxed as learning how to drive can be. I am very satisfied with my driving education from Triumph Academy, and appreciate all that they have done for me."

Andrea B.

"I would not hesitate to highly recommend Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving to anyone. Their office was always quick and friendly in their responses to my enquiries. I found the in-class instruction very engaging, which can be a difficult thing to do with such a dry subject matter of rules and regulation. The instructor managed to get the whole class involved in discussions of safe driving practices. He displayed a real knowledge of new rules and also the reasoning behind them.
The in-car sessions with my instructor were always on-time, courteous and inspiring. I managed to over come fears of driving again after an accident and regained the confidence necessary to get behind the wheel again. I really couldn't have had a better experience.
Thank you Stanisa and Olga!"

Ladan B.

"Triumph Academy provided a valuable learning experience in aiding to attain my G2 and G licenses. The course gave me the skill, technique, and confidence to be a good driver and has allowed me to safely and confidently drive within the city core and on major highways. The instructor always made the in-class and in-car experiences memorable and enjoyable, and never made me feel nervous about being a new driver. The instructor always ensured that he made time for me to have a lesson when it was convenient for me, as well as ensuring the use of the vehicle for road tests. The course offers a unique curriculum at convenient times. Overall I have had a wonderful experience with Triumph, and have, and will recommend them to friends and family. I would highly recommend this driving school program. Thank you for helping to make my driving school experience so enjoyable!"

Chelsea H

When my eldest son turned 16 we wanted to find a good driving school for him to take Drivers Ed. There were so many schools to choose from and we didn’t know which one would be best. A friend of ours recommended “Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving” and I am so glad I enrolled David there. The school has been excellent! He learned a lot from the classroom sessions and his in-car instructor has been outstanding. I feel confident that David has the necessary skills to safely drive on the crazy streets of Toronto! The school is very professional and very respective and flexible to teenagers and their schedules. We recommend Triumph to our friends and won’t hesitate to register our two other children when they turn 16.

Grace J

"I have recently moved from Ireland to Canada and needed to pass my driving test without delay. I chose Triumph Academy because from my first call they were friendly, professional and proactive. Olga took my details and in no time the lessons were arranged and the test was booked.
Stanisa my instructor was excellent he was always on time for the lessons, he has indepth knowledge of the rules of the road and was always calm, patient and encouraging.
I took four lessons in total and passed my G test first time. I can honestly say I am a better and safer driver having taken lessons from Triumph Academy. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody looking for a professional school of driving."

Audrey D.

"Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving is very professional in every respect. You can feel that both in class and behind the wheel. The theory is taught with good humour and engagement. The driving lessons are provided at flexible times and locations, and with respect to you too. And the full course is very effective: I passed the G2 driving test at the first attempt and shortly after, having taken five additional driving lessons, passed the G test. Go to the Triumph Academy to have fun, peace of mind, and fast licence!"

Viktor B.

"As a student of the Triumph Academy of Defensive Driving I gained valuable in-class information that I would otherwise not have considered so deeply. The classroom environment was comfortable and I was comfortable to ask lots of questions.
In car lessons were flexible with timing around my schedule and my driving instructor was patient, calm and offered me lots of guidance and feedback. I was also encouraged to make strong decisions on my own and now feel confident as a driver.
I would recommend the school to both new and existing drivers."

-Laura G

"I really enjoyed the classes at Triumph and I am going to recommend you guys to future prospects.
Thanks very much for your assistance."

Adela I.

"Learning to drive was something I had been very apprehensive of, the instructors at Triumph Academy made me feel comfortable and confident.  Their professionalism and dedication is what makes them one of the best driving schools around and you can't beat the price for such a great service. Thank you so much."

Kathleen Hyatt

"I have only the best to say about my experience with Triumph Academy. They were very professional and easy to deal with and very accommodating to my busy schedule, I felt like I was their special customer :). I know I was far from being his best student but I felt very comfortable with my instructor Stanisa, which was the most important thing to me, and I really enjoyed driving. Patient, punctual, professional...I couldn't have asked for anything more. I also took the classes which I thought were going to be extremely boring but guess what - they weren't, not at all. If you don't want to be bored to death, go to Triumph! :)
Thank you for a wonderful experience!"

Tatjana B.

"I enjoyed the class. It dealt with serious matters in a fun way which keeps focus. I respected the fact that the instructor always paused to consider a response before telling the student if it was right or wrong.
In-car instructor, Saed,  is patient and observant. He points out even small mistakes in a respectful manner that does not make the student nervous.  He is knowledgeable and friendly."

John H.

"In-class instructor was awesome - I hate school, so did not want to go as I have not been  in schooling for years, but he was hilarious and did not bore me to tears. Explained things thoroughly - made sure everyone understood.
In-car instructor was quite good.  He helped me fix small mistakes and prepare for test."

Alexandra I.

"What I like about Triumph is the fact that they consider you as an actual person, not a number. They remembered my name and situation from the first time I called. Responses are always on time, instructions are professional and comprehensive and fees are reasonable."

Meredith H.